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Paul Leyland

May 11, 2022, 6:53:52 AMMay 11

Get hold of a good FITS image viewer and display the solved image with it. I really like ds9. Watch the displayed coordinates change as you move the cursor around.

Your image failed to attach, or I would have found it for you.

An alternative is to go to and type in the coordinates. The purple cross marks the spot. Zoom in until the image scale is roughly the same as in your image and then eyeball the star patterns. The SN won't be in Aladin but the surrounding starfield will be. The SN seems to be 1/3 the way up the left edge of a distinctive quadrilateral of brightish stars and slightly below the median line of the galaxy.

Good luck.


On 11/05/2022 11:34, wrote:
Zef <>: May 10 12:44PM -0700

Hi, I've got some images of M82. I'm trying to identify a specific object
in the image, SN2014J, to create a light curve plot of, as part of a
photometry project.
I'm using AstroImageJ. Every tutorial I've watched, the RA and Dec are
visible with the images, but when I open up my images, this information
isn't shown. I'm unsure why that is, and I also can't identify the object
in the image to use as a reference.
I know the supernova has RA 09:55:42.139 and Dec +69:40:26.00, but I don't
know where in the image it is.
I've attached one of the reduced images I'm using.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
[image: M82.png]
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John Murrell

May 11, 2022, 9:59:41 AMMay 11
to Paul Leyland,
In fact if you load the SN catalogue in Aladin over the M82 image you can see where it was ( and 2004an and 2008iz). The SN catalogue dies not contain all the latest SN. You can also load the TNS Alerts catalogue that will show recent discoveries ( that have been notified to TNS not all surveys do).

John Murrell
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