Converting fit.fz files before uplaod

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Carrie Nugent

Jul 25, 2022, 12:31:40 PMJul 25
to astrometry
Hi all,

I'd like to upload a set of fit.fz files, but that's not a supported file type. I've tried converting them to .fits files using:

from import fits
    with as hdul:
        hdul.writeto(new_name, overwrite=True)

Where image_path is the fit.fz file and new_name is the .fits file. But when I upload the resulting .fits file, I get the error:", line 612, in dosub img = get_or_create_image(df, tempfiles=tempfiles) File "", line 663, in get_or_create_image raise Exception("This file's type is not supported.") Exception: This file's type is not supported.

so the conversion isn't behaving as I intend. I can convert the fit.fz files to fits using DS9, but I'd like a solution I can apply to large number of files. Any help is welcome.



Dustin Lang

Jul 25, 2022, 1:57:32 PMJul 25
to Carrie Nugent, astrometry
Hi, isn't smart about multi-HDU image either! -- FITS images have to be in the primary HDU -- is there any chance that astropy is writing out an empty primary HDU followed by an image extension HDU?

(If you send a submission ID I can dig into the details.)


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Carrie Nugent

Jul 26, 2022, 2:56:35 PMJul 26
to Dustin Lang, astrometry
Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the advice. Here's a solution, in case it is useful to others:

    with as hdul:
        files[name]["data"] = hdul[1].data
        files[name]["header"] = hdul[1].header
    hdu = fits.PrimaryHDU(files[name]["data"], header=files[name]["header"])
    hdu.writeto(new_file_name, overwrite=True)

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