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Hi everyone, welcome to our Google Group for people who are annotating ASL data using ELAN, ASL Signbank and SLAASh conventions!

Please feel free to browse topics here. Remember that a lot of tips have been shared in the ID gloss digests shared by Julie. If you are not on the mailing list for that, you can request to be added or view them here. 

If you are posting an issue that you need help with, first browse the topics here to see if they've already been answered. If you're having issues with ELAN, try their forum as well. If you need to, you can post a follow-up request in the relevant topic or create a new one. Remember to be specific about the solution or shortcut you figured out, or about the problem you're having. If other people can't figure out what you mean, they probably won't be able to help.

Remember to NOT post any pictures or videos of confidential information. This may include your video files that you are working on. Make sure you have sharing permissions first. If you do not have sharing permissions, it is fine to post screenshots of the ASL Signbank or of ELAN itself, as long as your video file is not in the picture. 

Any questions or sharing annotation wisdom, please post here.