Bandwidth monitoring and throttling way off?

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Feb 1, 2012, 5:08:41 PM2/1/12
to ASIHTTPRequest
I'm having some major issues with the readouts from the bandwidth
monitor and throttling when uploading files with ASIHTTPRequest. I
know it's a rough estimate, but for me on OS X it's kinda way off

Using the sample application modified to POST a 1 GB file to my own
server, I'm getting the following results. I'm measuring quick and
dirty with Activity Monitor and iStatPro:

Without throttle, ASIHTTPRequest reports about 4 MB/s

Both Activity Monitor measures an average a bit under 1.5 MB/s

The same is observed when throttling the bandwidth. In the following
scenario, I've set the maxBandwidthPerSecond to 1048576:

With throttle, ASIHTTPRequest reports about 1.2 MB/s (close enough to
the wanted 1 MB/s)

But when measuring the actual throughput, it's more like 0.5 MB/s

Anyone have any thoughts? :-)
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