ASIFormDataRequest posts twice

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Feb 12, 2012, 5:30:59 AM2/12/12
to ASIHTTPRequest
I've read multiple comments about this on stackoverflow and this group
yet none of the suggestions offered seem to solve this for me. I was
logging the request and response the first time playing with
ASIHTTPRequest and right from the beginning I could see the client
sending two requests (POST in this case) and my server responding
appropriately with two responses; no Location: redirect in any
response headers along with testing both 200 and 400 status codes.
Every time, without fail, one startSynchronous (same with async)
creates two distinct requests from the client. Tried
setShouldAttemptPersistentConnection = NO, effect. If you
can find a suggestion via google I've tried it. So here I am. Hope
it isn't something obvious.
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