extensions: symbols for flow charts and rotated scales

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Feb 16, 2010, 9:53:59 PM2/16/10
to ASCIIMath

I added functions to ASCIIsvg.sj that make symbols that
are needed in flow charts. The arguments of the functions
refer to the center of the symbol so that unnecessary
calculations are not needed. I made a flow chart of part
of one of the more involved functions written by Jipsen,

It is at http://www.issi1.com/corwin/sniffers/chart_png.xml

The most involved functions are mathjs(st),
AMparseExpr(str), AMprocessNode(...),
AMparseSexpr(str),AMgetSymbol(), and

It would be useful in porting the software to other
languages. If the 'copy svg' function in IE6 becomes
unavailble in other versions or browsers, conversions
to .png with Inkscape may become more difficult and
javascript engines, i.e. the ECMA SEE, may not have file
read and write capabilities. Ports in addition to the
perl port may be needed.

Rotation of legends and scales can be achieved with a
gopen() and gclose() function that I have added; however,
there seems to be widespread difficulty with generating
tags with myCreateElementSVG("g") that do not end with
a /, or can be a closing tag, </g>. Therefore, I used the
'copy svg' after right clicking on the image to cut and
paste the svg source to Word, save in the MS-DOS text
only mode, and edit out the \'s at the end of the <g> and </g> tags,
and the id="" in the </g id="" /> , and then use
Inkscape to make a .png. An example is at http://www.issi1.com/corwin/sniffers/vert.html

Design Science MathML must support nesting of tags but it
appears the Adobe SVG plugin does not. Perhaps other
browsers can.

Progress and source of additional symbols and
documentation in the form of flow charts and mappings
will be posted and maintained at http://www.issi1.com/corwin/sniffers/chart.html

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