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F Bax

Jan 16, 2021, 5:12:27 PM1/16/21
to asciidoc
As my first AsciiDoc project this afternoon; I thought I'd try a table! What fun! :(
After a couple of hours; I managed to produce something close to my objective using this page.  Along the way; I think I found small errors in documentation:
  1. Section 23.5 of User Guide states:
    For example, the following psv formatted cell will span two columns and the text will be centered and emphasized:
    `2+^e| Cell text`
    At first I thought the backticks were required; this caused much confusion until I took them out! Also, I believe psv should be dsv and perhaps add space before 2+ (like the example in 23.2).
  2. Section "23.2. Table input data formats" should also be dsv not psv?
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