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Tanzania Mailing

Oct 5, 2022, 9:58:56 AMOct 5
to arusha...@googlegroups.com

Job descriptions;


1. To accept all inquiries distributed to you and prepare appropriate quotes with costing, quotes, and virtual itineraries

accordingly and send back to the client/agent/management as required and save appropriately.

2. To book all external/third party services as required for your own booking, saving, and submitting to accounts

as required, and to aid and support the department by booking/checking/managing all service invoices and

bookings for tours.

3. To assist in preparing spreadsheets, documents, equipment, food lists/items, paperwork, and contracts for the tour


4. To keep stock and report accordingly as required for the tour departments or company in general.

5. To assist with preparing, formatting, and digitizing KPI checks performed by seniors and managers.

6. To gather, request, and appropriately save external activities and suppliers rates.

7. To support the department with the allocation and assignment of guides, porters, and other crew for Kilimanjaro

and safari departments

8. Coordinating and helping to prepare training materials and plans as well as assisting with the execution of the

training as required by department heads and seniors.

9. To attend client or crew pre and post-climb briefings/debriefings as assigned/required.

10. Help to create display materials, pricing, sales, and other materials as instructed from department heads and


11. To assist with marketing efforts (e.g., online, offline) and attend travel/trade fairs as instructed.

12. To prepare and distribute reports (online/offline) as instructed

13. To complete all processes assigned every day

14. To follow the office and emails rules as defined

15. To be open and accept the project and ad-hoc tasks as instructed and to assist colleagues whenever necessary

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