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Dan Frasier

Aug 24, 2011, 5:14:03 AM8/24/11
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I have a set of folders with different names that have a subfolder
called Forms. I was hoping that the folder filter function would
allow me to show a list of the doucuments in each Forms subfolders.

However, when I put the word "forms" in the folder filter, I just get
a listing of two files with the word "forms" in the name of the
document. The Forms subfolders are not listed. Interestingly, when I
put the word "forms" in the file filter section and leave the folder
filter with the default "*", I do get a listing of any file name with
the word "forms" in it.

Is there any way to do a filter that will show the contents of a
subfolder that matches the folder filter?

Paul (ZZEE)

Aug 24, 2011, 8:43:46 AM8/24/11
Hi Dan,

If you put "forms" into the folder filter, it would filter out all of your
first level folders, as their names would not go through the filter, and
thus you would never get to the second level (where your "forms" folders
are), as all first level folders were filtered out.

If your first level folders had something in common you could add that to
the filter. Or if you could rename them prepending something like
'folders_' in front of their name, then the filter like "folders*" would

I can't imagine other ways for this to work, as recursion comes into play,
and there is a single filter to work for all levels.


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