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Dana Bres

Sep 15, 2022, 9:04:36 PMSep 15
  So following last night's discussion of 28th Street, I rode it this morning. A couple of observations.

The speed limit for S 28th from Ridge Road to 1500 S 28th (about the intersection of S 26th and S 28th) is 20 mph.  It then goes up to 25 mph for the rest of 28th to the intersection of Army Navy.

The 20 mph portion of the road (west bound) has its first 20 mph sign to the west of Meade, about halfway the length of the speed zone.  There is "20 mph" in thermoplastic on the road just west of Lang,  I'm not been successful in determining whether those painted limits are enforceable.  I'd expect that if there was a speed study conducted in this new 20 mph zone, it might qualify for a speed hump/bump/lump.

There were a number of commercial vehicles parked along the roadway.  Those likely impact the availability of parking for the residents.  That said, this is a problem that occurs elsewhere in the County and I've not seen a whole lot of interest in resolving it. 

As was discussed last night, there seems to be a need for the leaders of the County to articulate the primacy of various plans/studies/policies and then stand behind that.  That might help to prevent the big policies that had the opportunity for significant public involvement from getting trumped by a couple of naysayers at a community meeting.  Statutory requirements would be highest, followed by regulatory requirements.  Policies, plans, master plans, and other docs would need to be ranked so everybody knows what the sequence is.  As long as this remains amorphous, it will get abused.

The last photo is on Potomac Ave and relates to the need for a common set of design standards.  The flex posts that survive here (I logged a RAP ticket) are spaced too far apart, which allows the autos to encroach on the PBL.  If ArCo were to pick a spacing and make that a standard construction detail, we might be able to avoid the "independent thinking" that gets us issues like this.  If there had been a standard detail for benches by trails, we might have been able to avoid the issue in Banneker Park a couple of years ago.  It might be good to start a list of bike stuff that would benefit from such standard details, including:
  • Flex post spacing
  • Bench location and offset from trails
  • Curb ramp angles
  • Beg button locations

There might be an occasional need to not use such standard details.  That would be easily accomplished by having a manager in DES or Parks merely sign off on the deviation.  That act alone would highlight the issue and get a manager on the hook for the change, which should decrease the deviations.

28th st.docx

Gillian Burgess

Sep 15, 2022, 9:46:54 PMSep 15
The 20mph speed limit means it's a school slow zone. No speed study.

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