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Tom Brughmans

May 3, 2009, 12:51:34 PM5/3/09
to arkusers
My interpretation fields seem to miss some functionality: I am able to
add an interpretation but when I want to edit it by clicking on the
[ed] button below it the subform just closes. I can get round this by
editing the interpretation through phpmyadmin but I assume there is a
more user-friendly method. Is there a bug in sf_interp.php or am I not
using it correctly? (the subform is defined in the settings file and
declared in the detfrm and microview part of the same file, exactly
the same as in mod_cxt_settings.php. This example context register
shows the same problem by the way).

Secondly, I would like to create a subform for a date field "date
excavated". What subform type should I use? I tried with an interp
style subform, and everything shows up in the right place in data
entry, but once I enter the date and click save the date just
disappears and in microview it says that no interpretation is defined
(the default negative answer). In phpmyadmin I can see that a new
value has been added to cor_tbl_date, so there seems to be a problem
with the data retrieval form this table and display. Could it be that
I can only use a specific sf file once per module and that I should
create a new one for the "excavated on" subform (as I'm using interp
in this module as well), or do I have to look elsewhere?

Hope you guys can help me out!

Tom Brughmans (uni Southampton)

PS: loving the program!! got my fist tables, photos, and xmi's
working :D

Stuart Eve

May 5, 2009, 6:35:59 AM5/5/09
to arku...@googlegroups.com
Hi Tom

> My interpretation fields seem to miss some functionality:

Looks like you have identified a bug here. I presume this is a problem
on the data_entry page, when using the 'minimiser' (the function that
minimises the forms until you press on the titles in the right panel)?
It looks like that little '[ed]' button needs to send some more
variables to the querystring to let the minimiser know which form
should be open. I have added this bug to the trac buglist and we
should get a fix sorted soon.

In the meantime if you don't want to edit it in phpMyAdmin - you can
view that context in the micro_view page and edit the subform there -
the [ed] button should work in micro_view.

> Secondly, I would like to create a subform for a date field "date
> excavated". What subform type should I use?

This can be done with the sf_event (http://ark.lparchaeology.com/wiki/index.php/Sf_event
). An event can be either a date and action or both together. Scroll
to the bottom of http://ark.lparchaeology.com/wiki/index.php/Field_settings.php
for an explanation of how to set up your event field. Remember you
need to setup your date field first, but you can then wrap it into an
event field.

Hope this helps

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