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Patrick Thomas

Mar 16, 2012, 11:54:19 AM3/16/12
Hi everyone,

My name is Patrick and I'm doing a masters programme in Digital Humanities.
For one of my modules I'm trying to implement a dataset from an printed excavation report of  late roman cemetery into the ARK database to have a look how that works.

Since I'm new to ARK (and not a programer) it took me quite a while to get the programme run and I'm a bit overwhelmed by its interface and do not really know where to start. 
Any suggestions where to have a look and how to start? It's more a less about datasets of two burials including their findings - so quite straight forward..

Thanks for your help!


Stuart Eve

Mar 16, 2012, 1:47:07 PM3/16/12
Hi Patrick

Thanks for the message.

What exactly are you trying to do? Have you got ARK up and running and working with the single context system in there? If so you should be able to navigate around and enter data, etc. in there.

It is difficult to know exactly how you want to setup your database without having seen your paper records. How close are those records to the MoLAS Single Context recording system? If they are the same then you should be able to just enter the data straight into ARk without any special customisations.

However, if they are different or if you want to add new types of data (fields) or new modules/items, that is a bit of a different matter.

The ARK wiki has three different levels, User, Admin and Developer. I would suggest you want to check out the Administrator Section ( In particular you will want to check out the settings file explanations (and also the in-line explanations in the settings files themselves - in the config/ directory).

Sorry to be so vague, but if you could let us know a bit more about exactly what you are trying to do then hopefully we'll be able to help a bit more!

All best


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Patrick Thomas

Mar 19, 2012, 5:38:05 PM3/19/12
Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my late reply, somehow I couldn't see my entry until today.

I got ARK up running and the single context system is available. Now I basically try to enter the data from two written reports of two burials from two different late roman cemeteries into the database to find possible benefits and drawbacks in comparison to the written reports. It's more or less a sort of evaluation how digital databases work for archaeology.
I'll have a closer look over the next couple of days and will get back to you. 

Thanks for your help!!
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