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kristina kunze

Dec 27, 2015, 2:46:33 PM12/27/15
to arkusers
Hi there,

I installed ark v.1.1.2 on Windows in xampp and it first sight it is running correctly. Now I wanted to add further Modules for Data entry and now I am getting errors that specific database tables are not found. In phpmyadmin I can see that these tables do not exist. I wanted to add the context module and added it in the page_settings.php and copied the mod_cxt_settings.php in the config folder. But the ark.cxt_tbl_cxt is not found. So I wanted to create the table but found no ifo about the columns that are needed. I had a look at the existing table for the adress-book but thought that the structure might be differetn, as its a different module. I also checked that the ark user has all rights on the ark database and this is true, so I don't know whether I should make some other adjustemnts at the database or manually create the table, but with which columns. The problem is, that if I now create this table there will be the next one later and I don't want to create all the missing tables manually. Usually they should be created automatically, or do i missed some adjustments in the php files?

I although would appreciate some examples to import, like it is possible vor v.1.0. I wanted to install this version too, but couldn't find the files for download.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Best regards
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