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Arjay Araña

Jun 29, 2022, 3:59:15 AM6/29/22
to Arjay’s Blog
This Google Group is my mailing list for my personal blog at [www.arjayarana.xyz]. I post here the excerpt of, and link for every new blog post that I've published, which you will then receive in your email if you sign up.

As an application designed for discussion and collaboration, this group certainly has more capabilities, but it is configured to serve only as a mailing list: You join it simply to receive email notifications, and you cannot create your own topics or make any replies. Also, like in any mailing list, I alone can see the list of members and their email addresses: Your privacy is protected, and you can leave the group any time you want.

There is one special feature, however. Though my blog does accept reader comments, which are shown publicly upon approval, you do have another option: You can send me privately your thoughts on my posts. And you do that by replying directly to the emails you will receive.

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