ACE editor ctrl+f or command+f how to disable this hijacked function?

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kevin uittenbosch

Apr 2, 2014, 10:17:38 AM4/2/14
when I edit in ariadne templates and want to search for something i get a dialog prompt and only find the thing i search for once.
While the STANDARD search bar in browsers highlights all and can cycle trough all......

How to disable this annoying feature in ariadne 8.2?


Auke van Slooten

Apr 3, 2014, 5:01:14 AM4/3/14

the ACE editor implements a lot of extra functionality and some of that overlaps stuff from the browser. We've opted not to add extra menu's and toolbars to expose all that funcitionality explicitly, but all the keyboard shortcuts that ACE implements are still there. So when you search, there is no on screen toolbar that allows you to skip to the next or previous search result, but the keyboard shortcuts for it do work. In this case ctrl-k for next result and ctrl-shift-k for the previous result.

All the available keyboard shortcuts are documented in the 'help > ace editor' menu option.

You can also disable ACE by changing the preferences for your user and switching from the ace editor to a 'normal' textarea for editting templates.

Auke van Slooten
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