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Jul 10, 2014, 8:25:32 AM7/10/14

As a long-time user of Argosoft Mail Server, I am very concerned that support for this software appears to be slim to none now.  I don't want to continually bug Archie for issues that I come across, the most recent being proper operation of the IMAP protocol, and how it relates to third-party webmail systems.    For example, Argo does not support IMAP SORT, and sometimes has issues responding to the proper commands to display e-mail messages in third party clients, such as Afterlogic Webmail and RainLoop webmail.

To confirm there are bugs in Argo, I have installed hMail Server on another system, and experience none of the issues I have with Argosoft Mail.  However, it would be a nightmare to migrate accounts and messages from Argosoft Mail at this point (while technically possible, it would take a lot of time, with the risk of lost or jumbled messages very high).  So, I am hoping against hope that Archie comes out with his "new version" that is supposed to help with SquirrelMail, and perhaps that will fix the issues I am having with other mail clients.

If anyone has ever experienced issues with:

- IMAP message order (example - messages in Inbox dated June 1 and July 2.  Delete them both.   Then, restore the July 2 message, followed by the June 1... the Inbox will show them in the order of restoration, NOT in original chronological order).
- "Bad Path" errors when using 3rd Party webmail
- Slow parsing of a relatively small mailbox, even when using SQL and on a relatively FAST server (Quad-Xeon, 4GB RAM, Windows 2008 R2)

(Note that I have tried both using SQL and SQL Lite, and the same issues persist for both)

.... please reply here or e-mail me at joe - at -


Jul 10, 2014, 10:46:52 AM7/10/14
No, it is not dead, and I will be back soon...

I am not sure I can help you with 3rd party Webmail.  I recommend Squirellmail, or native web interface, but, about the order...  What exactly do you mean when you are referring to "restoring" messages?



Jul 10, 2014, 6:56:18 PM7/10/14

Using any 3rd party webmail, Squirrel Mail included, if I DELETE A MESSAGE FROM 2 MONTHS AGO and then UNDELETE the message (drag it back to Inbox, for example), it ends up with the correct date but at the TOP of the message list.

I had discussed other issues with you in the thread about your Webmail Interface.
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