FilingIndex Showing Warnings For Self Closed Nil Facts?

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Steven Horowitz

Apr 3, 2024, 11:07:24 AMApr 3
to Arelle-users
It looks like the site is throwing warning messages and flagging facts as possible errors if they're self closed nil facts. 

Self-closed element "ix:nonFraction" may contain text or other elements and should not use self-closing tag syntax (/>) when empty; change these to end-tags in file wetg_10qa.htm line 30 column 2

If the nonFraction fact is nil, I don't understand why a self closing tag syntax is a potential issue. Can these warnings be changed?

Herman Fischer

Apr 4, 2024, 1:02:55 PMApr 4



Thank you for bringing this up, it’s very timely for several reasons.


Self-closing of elements is required by SEC EDGAR processing (see the Interactive Data Public Test Suite, file 525-ix-syntax/ned/00-filing/00-filing-ned-testcase.xml).


Historically this was required because at the start of accepting iXBRL, the inline viewers then available used html and quirks mode to display what really is xhtml data, and browsers in that era interpreted a number of self-closed elements as starting superfluous invalid DOM nesting and made DOM-based inline viewing unreliable.


The latest EDGAR inline viewer (ixviewer-plus) is xhtml based, and can cope with self closing elements, and probably most other current inline viewers likewise.


The 24.1 version of EdgarRenderer on Arelle actually must self-close the nil ix:nonFractions and such to prevent their rejection by some other processing steps. could handle a request to allow certain nil ix elements to be self closed and update the above-referenced test case.





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Herman Fischer

Apr 4, 2024, 11:00:08 PMApr 4

The below link opens up in the prior SEC ixviewer (23.2), you can force it to SEC’s ixviewer-plus (24.1), which is being tentatively launched for multi-doc and multi-IXDS filings, by tweaking the URL as follows:

(therein those nil facts lack the .5 1 1 etc but don’t indicate that they’re nil.  Ixviewer issues also can be passed on to


From: <> on behalf of Steven Horowitz <>
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 7:51
To: Arelle-users <>
Subject: Re: FilingIndex Showing Warnings For Self Closed Nil Facts?

Hi Herm,


Thank you for the response. Looking into this more, there is also apparently an issue with the Arelle rendering engine that seems related. is a filing that was done with our software. All nil facts when clicked on show as ".5 1 1 1 1 5 3". It confused me for a minute, but it appears Arelle is just ignoring the self closing nil fact and rendering the rest of the ix:hidden section of the inline document as though it was HTML, since those other numbers correspond to every other hidden fact value in the document in order. 


I double-checked the EFM Volume 2 for guidance on handling nil facts, and we are tagging them in accordance with the guidance in Hidden element restriction. 

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