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Thank you for visiting the discussion board.  Teachers, parents, or agriculture related businesses are welcome to post information on the discussion board.  

Because of a recent increase in Spam postings, the only way to post to this board, is to email your information to  It will then be posted on your behalf.

Important Posting Information:
  • Please remember to post attachments as PDF files.  Many times, files in .pub, .doc, or other formats do not view correctly.  A PDF is the most universal way to post an attachment.
  • If you are posting information related to a livestock show or other event, please include the date in the title (ex:  Red River Valley Fair -- September 28th).  It is often easier to find important information when the date is part of the subject line.
  • Use a descriptive subject line either in an email or directly posted message.  Your subject line is often what will make a reader interested in looking at your information.  A vague title will often get overlooked.
This website is for information related to FFA or agricultural sciences.  Do not post any material that would be inappropriate for teachers and students.