How Does a Robot Do Radio Orienteering?

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ARDF Coordinator

Dec 8, 2022, 7:24:47 AM12/8/22
You may have heard about ChatGPT, an online Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven project that attempts to use technology to respond to questions and requests much as a human would. So I asked it a question about radio orienteering and received a 5-step response. The response was remarkably human-like, but I'd say the system still needs some work on its fact-gathering abilities. Come to think of it, that failure is also remarkably human-like.

NZØI: How do I learn to do radio orienteering?

ChatGPT: Radio orienteering, also known as radio-controlled orienteering, is a sport that combines the skills of orienteering and radio-controlled model cars. To learn how to do radio orienteering, you can follow these steps:

    1. First, familiarize yourself with the basics of orienteering, including how to use a map and compass to navigate through terrain. You can learn these skills through books, online resources, or by joining an orienteering club.

    2. Next, learn how to operate a radio-controlled model car. This will involve learning how to control the car's speed and direction, as well as how to use the radio transmitter and receiver.

    3. Once you have the basic skills, you can start practicing radio orienteering by setting up a course and using your radio-controlled car to navigate through it. You can use a variety of terrain and obstacles to make the course more challenging and fun.

    4. To improve your skills, you can participate in radio orienteering competitions and events. These will give you the opportunity to compete against other radio orienteers and see how your skills measure up.

    5.  Finally, continue to practice and learn from other experienced radio orienteers. As you gain more experience, you will become more skilled and confident in your abilities.

Joseph Huberman

Dec 8, 2022, 8:37:08 AM12/8/22
to ARDF Coordinator, ARDF USA
Sounds great.  Where can I get one of these cars that will drive through the woods? I will need to get an SI-air card so the car can check in at the controls.


Joseph Huberman
904 Dorothea Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603

m. (919)610-1788

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