2m AM ARDF Controller

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Oct 22, 2021, 4:38:48 PM10/22/21
A transmitter controller capable of transforming almost any FM handy-talky into an AM ARDF fox transmitter was demonstrated and discussed at the recent USA ARDF Championships in North Carolina.

If you missed it, no worries! There is a great deal of information about "Arducon" available online. A Kickstarter campaign is also planned to start a few short weeks from now for anyone who would like to receive some pre-populated Arducon boards.

Here's where to learn more:

User Manual <- This details exactly how Arducon works in minute detail

YouTube Video <- A three-minute video showing Arducon in action

GitHub Arducon Project <- Everything about the project is open source: the software and the hardware. You can use and modify it anyway you like!

Kickstarter Sneak Peek <- This is where you will be able to order pre-populated boards. Currently, all the price information is preliminary. Parts prices and availability are in flux due to supply chain issues. We'll be looking into ways to bring the cost down before the campaign launches. We consider this a one-time build that will be priced "at cost" --- there is no profit involved, and no plans for a business based on this product.

Arducon Website <- The latest Arducon information is always available here.

Also, get a copy of the December 2021 issue of CQ Magazine when it comes out. It will feature a story on Arducon.

Charles NZ0I

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