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Feb 17, 2011, 11:59:43 AM2/17/11
Ardesia 0.7 is out!

Please if you have some problems run Ardesia inside a shell
and send me the output in this way 1.0 will coming soon,

I ask to all to use Ardesia and help me to report bugs.

I remember that the mailing list to report bug,
comment and suggestion is
If you are a coder and do you want be involved in the project
please send an email; we need you...

Do you want have some help from Ardesia user group?
Please subscribe to the everyday Ardesia user mailing list.
Here you will find tips for make some works, questions, etc.

Ardesia is free and simple as you are; Let's try it now!


- Added german translation

- New free windows installer created with an inno setup script

- The default folder where store the created files
called ardesia workspace now is located under the document folder
- Created a shortcut on desktop that links to the ardesia workspace
- Now to save an image you must push on the the camera photo icon

- Now you can open, save and reuse projects thanks to the
Interactive Whiteboard Common File Format (iwbcff);
the artefacts will be saved under the ardesia workspace at the end
of the session
- At the end of the program you will be invited to send by email the
artefacts created in session (iwb file, png screenshots and pdf)
- The virtual keyboard is shown each time that is focused an editable
this feature works only in Linux with the gnome environment and
in Windows 7 if you have the "Tablet PC Input Panel"
- New crash report dialog

Bug Fix:
- Fix in the filler a strange behaviour when you try to fill a not
closed path shape

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