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Sep 27, 2011, 6:17:12 AM9/27/11
Ardesia 1.0 is out!

After two years of development we are happy to announce the milestone
stable version. Now we are ready to!

I remember that the mailing list to report bug,
comment and suggestion is
If you are a coder and do you want be involved in the project
please send an email; we need you...

Do you want have some help from Ardesia user group?
Please subscribe to the everyday Ardesia user mailing list.
Here you will find tips for make some works, questions, etc.

Ardesia is free and simple as you are; Let's try it now!


- Ubuntu 11.10 compliant
- Persist the background setting options
- Compliant with xfce desktop environment enabling the display
compositing xfwm tweak or using compiz or xcompmgr composite manager
- Compliant with kde desktop environment using kwin or compiz or
xcompmgr composite manager
- Pause the recording whenever necessary, and then resume when you want
- Update backgrounds images
- Add file permissions check for import/export functions

- Delete dependency from the libbfd
- Delete dependency from binutils
- Require gtk 2.16

- Add the po/ardesia.pot translation template; you can use it
to add the support to a missing language with poedit and others tools
(close issue 27)

- keyboard accelerators
- ctrl+q to quit
- ctrl+z to undo
- ctrl+y to redo

Bug Fix:
- Solved the issue 22: the libbfd dependecy has been removed.
- Solved the issue 30: configure strange behavior
- Solved the issue 31: Losing Window Focus in Win7
- Solved the issue 33: undo/redo implementation misbehaviour
- Fix the clear button in order to clear the screen immediately

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