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Jan 7, 2011, 8:08:36 AM1/7/11
Ardesia 0.6 is out!

The 0.6 version is a stable milestone version

You can try Ardesia using the live iso WiildOs 0.2
WiildOs is a live distro lubuntu based created by the Ardesia team
for the wiimote whiteboard usage for educational purposes.
It includes lxde, python-whiteboard, gtk-whiteboard, ardesia, uniboard
spotlighter, curtain, florence-ramble, wmgui, wminput, easystroke,
whyteboard, vmg, shutter,
gimp, tuxpaint, tuxmath, tuxtype, italc, dia, scribus, audacity,
freemind, stellarium, xournal,
collatinus, gcompris, geogebra, wxmaxima,,
audacity,,musescore, solfege,
stellarium, dasher, eviacam and more!.

Please if you have some problems run Ardesia inside a shell
and send me the output in this way 1.0 will coming soon,

I ask to all to use Ardesia and help me to report bugs.

I remember that the mailing list to report bug,
comment and suggestion is
If you are a coder and do you want be involved in the project
please send an email; we need you...

Do you want have some help from Ardesia user group?
Please subscribe to the everyday Ardesia user mailing list.
Here you will find tips for make some works, questions, etc.

Ardesia is free and simple as you are; Let's try it now!


New standalone programs
- curtain allows to show and hide desktop areas using a resizable red
- spotlighter tool focus attention on specific desktop area.
It shadows the desktop and shows a movable and resizable spotlight
that enlight the point of interest.

- Add french translation

- New text insertion tool to improve the usability;
implemented a new text insertion cursor,
when you click on the page a new cursor blinks on
the text focus
- New drawing mode tool: you can select the free hand mode,
the roundifier or the rectifier
- insertion tool integration with the "Tablet PC Input Panel" on
- insertion tool integration with the "Florence Ramble Virtual
on Linux in the Gnome Desktop environment
- vlc used to perform the recording is auto detect if it is
installed in a default location

- Ardesia stay above all windows; you can open a program
in fullscreen and annotate on it
- When a fault occurs it logs the backtrace in tour TMP folder
- Email support
- Pdf email sender; when you quit the program if you have made
a pdf Ardesia opens your defaul mailer with a new stub mail
and it attachs your artifact
- Bug Tracking: If the program is able to found a misbehaviour
it open an email stub with the log to be sended
to the ardesia developers staff
- Florence virtual keyboard integration: if you have it
installed, will be show/hide when you select the text
tool (linux only)

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