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Apr 13, 2011, 9:25:49 AM4/13/11
to ardesia-...@googlegroups.com
WiildOs 1.3.2 is out,
WiildOs is an educational live and installable GNU/Linux distro build
from the Ardesia stuff and thinking for teaching purposes. It includes
the software that enable you to use a wiimote whiteboard.

WiildOs includes lubuntu-desktop, python-whiteboard, ardesia, sankore,
spotlighter, curtain, florence-ramble, wmgui, wiican, easystroke,
whyteboard, vmg, shutter, gimp, tuxpaint, tuxmath, tuxtype, dia,
scribus, audacity, stellarium, xournal, gcompris, geogebra, wxmaxima,
openoffice.org, jokosher, musescore, solfege, stellarium, dasher,
eviacam and more!

More info on http://code.google.com/p/ardesia/wiki/WiildOs

Build a wiildOs4win wubi like installer that allow to install wiildOs
inside windows without partitioning the hard disk.

- new kernel 2.6.35; this add the support to some new devices including
the toshiba bluettoth
- thunderbird in now the default mailer instead of sylpheed
- firefox is the default browser instead of chromium
- removed xscreensaver for performance issue
- remove all the gnome office suite; we use openoffice suite
- fix the wiican program; now you can you use the wiimote as controller
usinf the infrared camera or the accelerometers in a visual user
friendly way

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