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Nov 2, 2011, 10:25:02 AM11/2/11
to ardesia-...@googlegroups.com
WiildOs is not a simple a program to manage your multimedia interactive
whiteboard, but a GNU modular easy-to-use operating system. Wiildos is
a ready solution for all users that want learn in the multimedia and
cloud computing age.

For furthermore info see http://code.google.com/p/ardesia/wiki/WiildOs


- Based on Ubuntu Oneric (11.10)
- Linux kernel 3.0.0
- Enable Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU wifi driver
- Enable support for rt53xx wireless chipset family
- Promethean, Smartboard, Intertouch, Clevertouch, IrTouch, Interboard,
Cleverboard whiteboard support
- Switch from gnome-power-manager to the lighter tool
xfce4-power-manager for laptop power management
- Removed Whyteboard; Sankore has the same features and more
- Remove jockey gtk test at boot time; it is unusefull with readonly
devices, it sucks ram and suggests to use bad proprietary software:
please if you have a not working device try to use "Additional
Drivers" under the "Preference" tab.
- Switch from notification-daemon to the lighter xfce4-notifyd as
notification daemon

- Virtual keyboard florence-ramble 0.3; the best virtual keyboard
available at the moment, now with the "show/hide automatically" mode

- Accessories
- Switch from xarchiver to the more complete file-roller as archive
- Graphics
- Add librecad cad program enriched with about 4500 mechanical,
electrical and processing parts and symbols.
- Developmennt
- Kicad EDA; Electrical schematic and PCB design suite
- Add italc client icon in order to start the service on demand and add
the computer to the italc virtual classroom
- Add italc master interface in order to start the virtual classroom
setup on demand
- Office

- Science
- Removed garlic euler openuniverse; their interface is not friendly
with the electronic whiteboard

- Removed jokosher; the users prefer Audacity
- Add text reader gespeaker

- Calibrate Screen: allow to calibrate interactive whiteboard and touch
- Samba allows to share file and folders with Windows also
- Remove gparted and obconf; these tools are for hackers only

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