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Sep 30, 2011, 11:25:48 AM9/30/11
to ardesia-...@googlegroups.com
WiildOs-1.06 is out!

WiildOs is the first GNU/Linux live and installable distro
that support the wiimote whiteboard for educational purposes.

For furthermore info see http://code.google.com/p/ardesia/wiki/WiildOs


User interface:
- Better interaction between virtual keyboard and applications
- Better italian language translation
- Allow users to use up/down/left/right/tab/enter keys to control the
- New order to the launchers
- New items in the classic panel
- Ardesia
- Sankore
- Moved the clock widget before the switch-off button

- Ardesia 1.0 desktop sketchpad; make mockups, sketches, hand drawn
annotations, interactive presentations, live demos etc.
- Spotlight 0.2; show and move a spotlight on the desktop screen
- File manager; browse the file system and manage the files with a
single click
- Virtual keyboard florence-ramble 0.3; the best virtual keyboard
available at the moment
- Curtain 0.2; show and move a curtain on the desktop screen
- Sankorè 1.25; create your lesson with the classic open source
whiteboard software. Now the iwb coon file format import is supported.

- Firefox; browse the world wide web
- Remote desktop viewer; Access remote desktops

- Accessibility
- Orca Screen Reader and Magnifier; on-screen information as speech
or braille, or magnify the screen

- Remote desktop; Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop

- Wiican; now you can use the Wiimote the controller with IR or
accelerometers, as a joypad or classic gamepad

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