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Project Save the World

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Episode 371: War, Prisons, and Voting

Real Lavergne works with Fair Vote Canada to change Canada's voting system to one of proportional representation. Reiner Braun, the Executive Director of the International Peace Bureau, shares Frank Kroncke's deep worry about the continuing dangers of the nuclear weapons. While Metta agrees that proportional representation is a more democratic system, she worries about whether voters today are “too dumb for democracy"" -- i.e. whether the average voter is well-enough informed and objective enough to make rational decisions about the issues that face us all. She asks Frank, who had served time in prison during the Vietnam War for sabotaging US draft records, whether a prison run democratically would work, whether the prisoners could make rational decisions. Reiner, Frank, and Metta share stories about the militaristic political beliefs that prevailed during their youth in World War II and afterward.

Episode 372: Maybe You Need More Sleep

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is concerned about the increasing rates of suicide and opioid deaths, which science is now linked to sleep deficiency. Apparently people are sleeping less now than in previous periods, and this can be blamed largely on the popularity of video games, which are immensely profitable to the producers. Grossman has previously published books about the strong relationship between video games and mass killings. Here he list many suggestions for wakeful people. These include the use of melatonin, eye masks. and the bedroom thermostat.'t_talk_about.png

Episode 373: What COP26 Didn't Talk About

Both Stephen Salter and Alan Gadian are British scientists who know, more than anyone else, how to solve the climate change crisis. They are working on cloud brightening--producing whiter clouds over the oceans to reflect sunlight back into space. This would involve spraying salt water through fine nozzles. The water would evaporate and leave tiny salt crystals. Tiny new droplets will form around these crystals – small and therefore white – and move around, shading the surface below from the heat. Done on a large scale, this can actually re-freeze the Arctic ice and cool the subtropical regions, where hot air starts moving toward the Arctic. We discuss other ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere. Both men agree that it is a big mistake to believe that climate change can be solved by reaching “net zero emissions." The carbon already in the atmosphere would remain there; it has to be actually removed, which may be possible with this innovation. But there is little public awareness of the possibility, and even COP26 did not consider it.

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