It's 118 degrees in the Arctic, which sure seems bad

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Jun 24, 2021, 5:24:43 PMJun 24
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It’s 118 degrees in the Arctic, which sure seems bad

By AJ Dellinger

June 22, 2021


A heat wave is sweeping across the southwestern United States at the moment, but it's not the only place on the planet feeling some extremely hot temperatures. According to satellite images taken by the European Union, it appears that surface temperatures have reached 118 degrees in Siberia. Yes, that Siberia.

The blistering 118-degree temperature occurred on the ground in Verkhojansk, a small town in Eastern Siberia. It wasn't alone in experiencing astonishingly hot weather. According to the satellite data recorded by the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel satellites, Govorovo experienced ground temperatures of 109 degrees, while Saskylah reached 98.6 degrees during the heat wave. According to Earther, it's the hottest the region has been since 1936.

It's worth noting that ground temperatures aren't quite the same as air temperatures, which is what you would expect to see in a weather report or when you open a weather app. In Verkhojansk, it reached 86 degrees in air temperature. That is significantly warmer than the Arctic region's average summer weather, which typically experiences air temperatures around 50 degrees during this time of year.


Metta W Spencer

Jun 24, 2021, 5:29:15 PMJun 24
Holy smoke.

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