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Sarah Romkey

Mar 16, 2017, 5:52:26 PM3/16/17

Archivematica 1.6: the Nancy Deromedi release

We are dedicating the Archivematica 1.6 release to the memory of Nancy Deromedi. Many of our users will know that a major defining feature of this release is the new Appraisal and Arrangement tab. This idea was conceived and sponsored by the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan, under the leadership of Nancy Deromedi. Sadly, her life was cut short by cancer before the project was completed. From Michael Shallcross, Bentley Historical Library:

Nancy Deromedi was a leader in the field of digital preservation at the University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library from 1997 until her untimely passing in 2014.  Always eager to explore new ideas and strategies, she inspired her colleagues to innovate, take risks, and embrace emerging technologies.  The success of the Bentley's "ArchivesSpace-Archivematica-DSpace Workflow Integration" project (funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation) is very much a tribute to her vision, generosity of spirit, and constant drive to find better and more efficient solutions to preserve and provide access to digital archives.”

Instructions for fresh installs and upgrades can be found here.

Features of Archivematica 1.6:

Community pull requests:

A huge thanks to Aaron, Max and Alex for these contributions to Archivematica 1.6:

Significant bug fixes:

#9515: ArchivesSpace DIP upload admin page requires use statement

#9523: PREMIS agentType missing from admin settings

#9938: Second act in rights statement deleted on re-ingest

#10155: Files with diacritics failing at Assign file UUIDs and checksums

#10216: Pre-set normalization option ignored if access directory used

#10355: Remove django-mysqlpool from MCP Client (improves scalability)

#10363: Sponsored (Canadian Centre for Architecture) Processing config “uncompressed” setting doesn’t work

#10536: PREMIS event for removal from backlog not being created

#10569: Sponsored (Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan) Run sanitizeNames on files, not sanitization events

#10573: Sponsored (Simon Fraser University Archives) Allow events and agents to have many-to-many relationships

#10712: Sponsored (University of Saskatchewan Library) Transfers with diacritics in transfer names are failing at Sanitize object’s file and directory names

FPR Updates

  • Update to PRONOM version 88:

    • We have added the standard characterization rules for new formats based on our existing pattern (e.g. image and audio-visual formats characterized by Exiftool, MediaInfo and FFProbe). We have not added normalization rules for new formats because we do not have representative test files from the new format release. If you have a suggested normalization rule that you have tested, we encourage you to share it with others on the user forum.

  • Sponsored (University of California Los Angeles) Extraction rule for EO1 disk images in the FPR.

Storage Service 0.10.0


Community pull requests:

Thank you Max for this contribution to the Storage Service 0.10.0:

Significant bug fixes:

#10248: Update API key after password change

#10567: Sponsored (University of Saskatchewan Library) Files named OBJ are being overwritten

#10674: Sponsored (Canadian Centre for Architecture) Typo preventing fixity app from returning all information

Fixity Application

Upgraded tools/dependencies

  • Siegfried: updated to 1.6.7

  • Fido: updated to 1.3.5

  • Django: updated to 1.8

  • Django-tastypie to 0.13.2

  • agentarchives 0.3.0

  • gearman 2.0.2

  • METS reader-writer 0.1.0

  • mysqlclient 1.3.7 (Dashboard only)

  • Python-dateutil 2.4.2

  • lxml 3.5.0

  • Bootstrap 3.0.0

  • Bagit 1.5.2

  • unidecode 0.04.19

  • Django-mysqlpool 0.1-9

Nginx with gunicorn are now recommended for both Storage Service and Dashboard - the installation instructions assume this configuration.

Please see list of external tools here

Please feel free to get in touch with questions/concerns/feedback on the release. Thank you!

Sarah Romkey, MAS,MLIS
Archivematica Program Manager
Artefactual Systems
@archivematica / @accesstomemory

José Anjos

Jul 18, 2017, 11:07:32 AM7/18/17
to archivematica
Hi Sarah,
I've made my first Archivematica installation.

Just want to share my difficulties/problems.
  1. On Documentation, before point 5. Update python setuptools, you shoukd have: "sudo apt-get install python-pip"
  2. On point 5. you have a typo: uudo
  3. When I finished the install I've created the first user and choose on First Name: José. There is a bug with special chars like "é" so I could not login and the page was malformed. Then on log I saw: File "/usr/share/archivematica/dashboard/main/", line 81, in create_user_agent
        'name': 'username="{u.username}", first_name="{u.first_name}", last_name="{u.last_name}"'.format(u=instance),
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 3: ordinal not in range(128)

    I had to change it  directly os SLQ, from "é" to "e" to solve the problem.
Thank you very much for this software,
José Anjos
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