Reingest always fails at "Assign checksums and file sizes to objects" in AM 1.12.1

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Jan 5, 2022, 2:09:16 PMJan 5
to archivematica
Having to prepare to run a good number of reingests due to the problem here regarding the normalization failures, I ran some reingest tests on a sample of packages.

I realized that my 1.12.1 test environment (scaled-up in a bunch of RHEL7.9 VMs) regularly fails reingests of packages containing a non-trivial number of files.
Simple reingests involving packages with a maximum of ten files run smoothly.
On the other hand, all the reingests applied to "real" packages containing more than, say, 100 TIFF files regularly fail on the same workflow point and with the same error:
Microservice: Assign file UUIDs and checksums
Job: Assign checksums and file sizes to objects
This Job always returns an Exit Code 1 with the following diagnostics:2022-01-05_195714.png
It seems to me that there are no relevant information on logs as the above diagnostic info appear only in the Dashboard (from the database Tasks table).
I don't really understand what this could depend on but somehow it seems that the cause is related to the number of files involved in the packages, even though the first ingestion works correctely in this test environment.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


Tessa Walsh

Jan 6, 2022, 5:55:32 PMJan 6
to archivematica
Hi Arthy,

This client script was rewritten in Archivematica 1.13, and a version upgrade should solve your issue. You can see some statistics about how this change significantly speeds up reingests as well in the pull request: The speed gains come from parsing the METS file once per reingest, rather than once per file in the reingest.

I'd be curious to hear if others have hit this same issue with reingest of larger AIPs in 1.12.


Jan 7, 2022, 3:46:05 AMJan 7
to archivematica
Hi Tessa,
thank you so much, I'll try as soon as possible and let you know here.
In the meantime, congratulations for the work done in #1748!
See you soon!

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