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Welcome to the Archivematica community discussion list. This is an open discussion forum for any Archivematica-related topic, including (but not limited to) community organizing, requirements analysis for new and prospective users, workflow configuration, preservation planning, and many more.

Archivematica is a free and open-source digital preservation system that is designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. Archivematica is packaged with the web-based content management system Access to Memory (AtoM) for access to your preserved digital objects.

The best technical help questions to the list include as much information as possible about the error. This means including the following information:

  • The version of Archivematica you have installed
  • The system(s) you're using (Ubuntu, CentOS, which browser, etc.)
  • The content and size of your transfer(s)
  • The task information (click on the cog icon on the same line as the micro-service job where the error occurred) and show arguments data output
For installation issues, please include the following information:

  • What version of Archivematica you are installing
  • If you are upgrading or installing fresh
  • If you are using something other than the recommended requirements from our installation instructions
  • Stack traces or results from error logs if possible
Please consider checking Archivematica's issues on Github for a similar or related bug before you email the discussion list. That way you can see whether someone is already working on the problem and/or link to it in your email so that the ticket can be updated with your experience.

This forum is maintained by Artefactual Systems, Inc. As much as we'd like to solve all of your issues comprehensively, Artefactual must prioritize our paid services in order to be sustainable. Sending multiple emails to individual Artefactual staff members will not increase the speed of response. If questions are too dependent on your own internal system deployment, or if your issue(s) would require an unreasonable commitment of our free resources, we will refer you to our paid installation, support and training services. For information about arranging paid installation, training and support, please see Artefactual Systems, Inc.'s services.