Archipelago RC2, the one with many sunny beaches, black sands and sometimes calm (or calming) waters is finally here!

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May 17, 2021, 3:59:30 PM5/17/21
to archipelago commons
Dearest community, colleagues, observers, subscribers from other realms, OSS family and friends,

Archipelago 1.0.0-RC2 is finally ready for public evaluation,

The Drupal 8 (8.9.14) version can be found here:

The Drupal 9 (9.1.8) version can be found here:

Both versions pack the same (awesome) features, options and even initial content, now provided via AMI and the UI directly. 
But because Drupal 8 has been around longer and there are many more Wild (running in circles with joy) Archipelagos on D8 out there 
 we know it is more tested and will not surprise you as much as young D9 with its changing tides. So please report any miss-behaving.

Ok, so how does this RC2 go? All code will stay open for 2-3 weeks (FYI: not saying anything in 3 weeks is cheating). Any bug found will be fixed, any love letter archived under "love letters" and once the time has passed we go to the Final RC3 which will be different: I will come sooner (we are almost done) and will once public testing of that is done( 3 weeks) and the final 1.0.0. WOW and I will sleep!

How to report issues? 
Github issues inside: (no worries we route them somewhere else if needed)
This group too.

Since you already know I write a lot, I will start first with the thank-you part so you can at least know how this is even possible and then with the features and notes

Archipelago is a majestic group effort, and it can't be different. It is being nurtured by a still small in numbers but so large in care and dedication group of humans. 
Our Core team: Allison, Twig and Metadata wizard, documenter, tester, migrat@r, wise soul and superb friend, Nate our brave Metropolitan New York Library Director and public advocate, a provider of constant ideas, new projects and support,
Giancarlo bug-finder expert and DevOps druid, trusted comrade, OCR perfectionist and always there to help anyone that needs it. 
Coming new to this circle with code, ideas, pulls and bug fixes is Pat Dunlavey, a name you will be hearing more and more (and you may blame the code to see all the Extensions he is writing). 

But there are more people in our hearts, wait! 
We have Derek driving complex adoptions, cheering and sending use cases our way, always helping out and interacting in our too many communications and also Noah believing more and more in this platform (yay!)
Best friends Jen and Zack leading the Finding AID version of Archipelago with their own (amazingly caring and enthusiastic) archival community, our weekly calls are a delight.
Sumitra and Jack exploring, using and advancing Web archiving. Ilya, Emma and Lorena also supporting us through their expertise, coding and tools,responsible for the (WACZ) integration and also kind souls allowing us to interact with their own fabulous community,
Our dearest early implementers (we love you folks) and part of the closer Archipelago Family Jenifer, Brenden, George, Tammy, Catherine and Liz, and also Carl (some of the best emails in our inboxes) and Callan with a fully working public Engineering College repo, the ESLN team, Tim, Jay, Susan and the ESIE team and Albert/dev and musician who has contributed with some bug finding/testing and maybe a few Songs to keep us going (can't confirm nor deny!)
Our diverse advisory Board, wise and committed, focused and always pushing values and community concerns forward, Marii, Ben, Tim, Esther, Josh, Henry, Arnold, Sophie, Natalie, Nadine and so many others I may be forgetting (Sorry)
Some new and somer other already veteran community members Anna, Megan, Gavin, Seth (encouraging me at 1AM during release), Tom,  Parathan, Katie (old IMI/AMI friend), Tony, Natalie, Lisa and Shay. Covering every time Zone in this World! There are many others, I know, so... if i forgot to mention you its because my brain has been exposed to bright sun for too long (happens when you live in an Archipelago), its me, not you.

And of course the intersecting communities: IIIF which is core to us (and you), all the amazing work of Johannes and team at the Bavarian State Library (HOCR possible thanks to their OSS contributions), 
Cantaloupe maintainer and devoted developer @adolski at Illinois University Library, staff (GO!), the Drupal Community  at large and at small and also our previous developers Marlo and Pedro.

Thanks to you all, every piece of code, comment, coffee, functionality, bug fix and idea is because of you and we value you (personally, so many stories) and your use cases, your metadata, your assets, your local communities; over everything. 
That is why we do this. This is why you do this.

Now to some of the new features:
  • Full support for IIIF Manifests V2 and V3, Collections, individual Canvases (and joint too) and also CreativeWorkSeries via IIIF (Your well known Compounds) using Mirador 3
  • Better HOCR Support and post processing via Strawberry Runners. All more stable and fail proof. Invisible, unattended.
  • Better IABook Reader. Bug fixes, lots of JS, HOCR integration. While HOCR processes we even hide the search button so no fake expectations. Also plain text Solr indexing without access time transformation.
  • WACZ as derivatives from WARC files, seamless, invisible and unattended.
  • The Strawberry Runners Post Processor can be used for anything and reactPHP rocks for background processing. From enriching Metadata to changing File formats to simply injecting something into a Linux Command line. And all hierarchical and nest-able.
  • A better AMI (Archipelago Mass/Multi Importer). More stable, faster (2-3 seconds per Object!), more flexible. Capable of large (huge) ingests, includes defining Editorial Workflow state, remote files, ZIP files, local files, batch (real time) or queued ingest, and also deleting all ingested Objects and evolving as we speak (a *Full Islandora 7* migration Path in a single Form which we will publicly showcase in the next weeks)
  • Every Formatter/Viewer got updates. We even do "Memory" consumption estimates to avoid those large NASA tiffs to break your Cantaloupe (those panoramas are amazing)
  • Better Solr Indexing. More stable, better at removing old HOCR documents, cache invalidation of Parent ADOs (archipelago Objects) to avoid Stale listings and Views
  • Better Twig template editing preview. With Format (JSON-LD/JSON/HTML) validation and many bugfixes.
  • Better logging, better messages.
  • More Webform elements and previous ones more robust. E.g CSV import into JSON does full UTF8 checking, better Metadata Date elements with EDTF validation, fixes all over the place!
  • Webforms are more complete and LoD rich + Right-statements aware. We cover still all LoD Vocabs (Viaf, Getty (Fuzzy, Label based and exact), WIKIDATA, OpenStreetMaps, LoC Complete!)
  • Fixes and improvements in the Panorama Viewer. External URLs, webGL limits, etc.
  • Autosave during ADO creation with delayed Validation (so you can jump back and forth without ever filling the "title"... for saving you have too!) you can even delete the autosaved session when coming back from vacations if you want.
  • More options for the Webform based widgets. Caged edit? Allowing the user to close the webform? Safer, better code now too.
  • Webform Handler is also more stable and smarter.
  • Still full cool support for WebAnnotations and Size/Source/Image aware saving (so scales with your content) and all via the UI/Open Seadragon via Annotorious (Rainer Simon+++).
  • More Twig templates than ever, smarter, faster, better, complete/covers every data modeling dream. MODS 3.7, DC, IIIF V3 complete, GEOJSON,, AMI Ingests, etc, etc.
  • Lazy Image Loading via JS? Only request what the user can see? Built in (tut coming on how to use)
  • Newer Stack versions on everything. From Cantaloupe to Minio to latest Solr 8.8.2. You got it and tested too.
  • More security. AMI got a lot of permissions added. Every Operation can be secured (or opened)
  • New JSON Key name provider functionality, dynamic Entity References (have a number in your JSON, want it to be another ADO) with Terms, Node, etc support. Have a date/ETDF? want to index the ISO start/end equivalents? Check that box!.
  • New Twig extensions. Need to Search for a Term vai a Label? Want to take a REST API response and make it Twig data. You got it.
  • Better Render Caches. New Tags for Exposed Metadata Endpoints and internal self rendering HTML.
  • WARC/WACZ formatter has now a JMESPATH media selector. So once WARC is converted in WACZ the new one becomes the primary visible one. This will also be applied in the few next weeks to Audio/Oral Histories and Video transcripts, even the 3D so you can choose the right UV texture.
  • Better automatic Ordering of Files inside an ADO. Natural, Order of Ingest or Manual. Super smart sorting algorithms. Improved Event Subscribers and new logic. From Saving, Title setting, file preservation, identification, etc.
  • Our own Zuper-duper Mime type resolver and inverse one. Worried about double extensions (warc.gz)? we got it covered and we added more mappings too.
  • Smarter JMESPATH processing and better File Structure generator Service.
  • A View for your find and replace needs
  • Site building ++ New views, autocomplete Views, REST views, Collection and Creative Work Series Views. Facets, Grid and List view and more coming soon.
  • New ADO types for Serials, Newspapers, etc.
  • Complete Multi Lingual Support (thanks Parathan for bringing the concrete use case). This is more like a "ok, it worked!" but still worth mentioning. We tested multiple languages at the same time. All went automatically well. IIIF, Manifests, all reacted correctly. Very happy to state we support every language as good (and also more fun really) as your better known western char set supported ones.
  • Better Docs. More hands on guides, more QA. LoL

There is much more but you can check that for yourselves. 

Last thing for now. We plan on doing two Upgrade sessions soon: Updating your running Archipelago's Beta3 and RC1 the RC2 way. Either to D8 latest or even D9 (its really just a few commands but! you may have a lot of customizations) so stay tunned. Will also share Videos.

WE really hope you enjoy all this and please let us know if you have any trouble testing. It was a long weekend and we DO make mistakes but funny enough, we also fix them!
Oh, the Machine is nicknamed "A cat's Pyjamas." Hope you like fancy cats and their Pyjamas.

Big hugs and thanks again (forgive my typos, English is not my first language, not even my third but I really try)

Diego Pino Navarro
Assistant Director of Digital Strategy
Archipelago Architect and human being.

Nate Hill

May 17, 2021, 5:47:14 PM5/17/21
to, archipelago commons
Inspiring work, Diego. Thank you to you and thank you to all of the partners and supporters involved. 

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Nate Hill
Executive Director
Metropolitan New York Library Council

May 19, 2021, 7:33:13 PM5/19/21
to archipelago commons
Thanks Nate! What a year =)

A few RC2 updates to whom this may concern: 2 day of testing, bug searching and finding has started and i already found one. HOCR processing was not reflecting the newer rich XML generated by Tesseract. Basically our over strict validation was assuming OCR was wrong and ending in a valid but empty HOCR. This was a regression since this worked before. Fix was easy and I used the time to also add a tiny improvement here and there.

RC2 was updated (Drupal 8 and Drupal 9) to reflect the bug fix and also some settings were tuned.
Installation READMEs where also updated to help with newer OS X and Exact Docker Desktop Version (Thanks Kyle!)

Since these updates for RC2 may happen more than a few times during the next 2 weeks I will keep you all updated there (because we care, you really want to know! and maybe that even encourages you all to test. Just maybe)

Steps to stay updated:

1.- If you have not deployed RC2 yet then you do not need to do anything other than deploy as usual. (you can stop reading and go back to having coffee)
2.- if you have deployed RC2 already updating to catch up on our bug finding will always be these steps (except when we let you know they are not!)

$ cd archipelago-deployment
$ git pull
This will bring the new changes from 1.0.0-RC2 or 1.0.0-RC2D9
$ docker exec -ti esmero-php bash -c "composer install"  
This will update your modules to the latest (no worries, its super quick) using composer.lock
$ docker exec -ti esmero-php bash -c "drush cim;drush cr;"
This will also update your Live configs with the ones shipped and just pulled down. That is all. You can keep exploring. No rebooting, etc needed.

Anyways. This is what testing is for and this bug was introduced by nobody else than myself! (facepalm)

(oh, also you can test and let us know if something does not work)

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