Arches 5.1 Documentation Update: Webinar (this) Friday Nov. 20th

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Adam Cox

Nov 17, 2020, 5:54:11 PM11/17/20
to Arches Project

Hi everyone,

We have completed planning for the Arches Documentation 5.1 update push and are now ready for folks to pitch in and help on specific tickets.

If you are interested in helping out, please attend our Documentation Webinar this Friday, November 20th, at 4:30pm GMT (in the US - 8:30am pacific/11:30am eastern). Check back on this forum thread next week for a link to the event.

The session will be about 30 minutes, with time for questions/feedback after that. It will be recorded and available to watch soon after (again, check back on this thread). The first half will be general (how the arches-docs repo is constructed and how to interact with it) and the second half will specifically address how to help with this current effort.

Goals of Current Effort

  • Update documentation for Arches version 5.1
  • Improve navigation/organization, emphasis on clarity and consistent language
  • Better support the needs of a broader range of users (e.g. non-technical staff; IT support staff; developers) whose technological skills vary.
  • Address as many long-standing github tickets and problems with the docs as possible.

Planning Strategy

  • Identified community needs
    • Reviewed the requested documentation topics from the Google Group
    • Reviewed the open tickets in arches-docs repo
    • Reviewed the current (stable/latest) hierarchical structure of the Arches Documentation
  • Reviewed existing docs relative community needs and new 5.0/5.1 features
    • Identified sections of the existing documentation requiring revision
    • Identified gaps in existing documentation where new topics needed to be added
    • Identified redundant or irrelevant sections of the documentation that could be removed
  • Restructured documentation hierarchy
    • Used GingkoApp to track the documentation structure visually and to link to github issue #s (Phase 1) (Phase 2)

Actions Taken

  • Implemented the structural overhaul
    • Created new "Configuring" and "Administering" sections, and moved related content into them from existing sections like "Installation" and "Using Arches"
    • Reconfigured "Installing" section to clean up and clarify steps
    • Revised headings and added placeholders for new content, linking to related github tickets
    • All progress merged in and visible here: 
  • Cleaned up Github Issues by completing several simple tasks, closing out-of-date/irrelevant issues, and making sure that every proposed improvement to the docs is tracked in an issue
  • Organized all remaining GH issues in Notion by
    • Adding priority labels (low, medium, high)
    • Adding estimated amount of effort labels (1 [easy] to 3 [hard])

Next Steps

  • Webinar on Nov. 20th to demonstrate how to contribute to the documentation.
  • Github issues will be assigned and hopefully the contributions will roll in!
  • You can explore the documentation structure in GinkoApp. Type in a Github ticket number and you'll see where content for that ticket will be added.
Looking forward to "seeing" you this Friday,
Angela and Adam

Adam Cox

Nov 19, 2020, 2:48:46 PM11/19/20
to Arches Project
Use this link for the webinar tomorrow (4:30pm GMT). It will point to a Zoom meeting starting about 15 minutes before the presentation.

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