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Hervé Ménager

Sep 12, 2011, 10:20:02 AM9/12/11
to Christian Zmasek, Archaeopteryx
Dear Christian & Archaeopteryx users,

I would like to submit a modification proposal for the ArchaeopteryxE
applet. This modification comes from a need expressed by many of our
users to be able to save/print a graphic representation of their
phylogenetic trees, e.g. for publication purpose.

Technically, the purpose of this modification is to be able to retrieve
the graphic representation of the edited phylogenetic tree using
javascript code, in order to be able to print or store it server-side.
The result is that:
* the ArchaeopteryxE class contains a
getCurrentPhylogenyAsByte64Graphics() public method which can be called
from Javascript to retrieve the current image,
* the Utils class contains a
writePhylogenyToGraphicsByteArrayOutputStream() static method that
exports the current displayed tree as a ByteArrayOutputStream,

It comes at the cost of adding a dependency on the Apache common-codecs
library (for base64 encoding), but I personally consider it to be a real
added value for end-users. Attached to this email is a patch which
contains this modification. Please feel free to comment, any
remark/critic is welcome.



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