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Arch Reactor, Sergeant At Arms

Aug 25, 2021, 3:18:11 PMAug 25
Update on the Member Storage: As was previously communicated, last week we cleaned out the storage areas. It was a HIGHLY productive couple of hours. Many thanks to the members that helped.
Here is what the storage room looks like now:

We also cleaned out the shelves under the 3D printers in the lab and re-converted it back to member storage. Each full member gets a bin to store their things in. Be sure to label you bin.

A lot of junk was thrown away. Anything that looked vaguely like it belonged to someone was moved to the classroom. Here are the pictures. IF ANY OF THESE THINGS ARE YOURS please stop by and either put it into a bin in the classroom (labeled with your name), take it home, or throw it away.

There were some labeled boxes that were put back into the storage rooms. If any of those are yours, please move them into your bin in the lab. I will soon publish a spreadsheet that has the areas in the storage room. If you have bulky items that will not fit into your bin in the lab you can check out some shelf space in the storage room (a month at a time). More on that later.


Chris Weiss

Aug 26, 2021, 8:50:20 AMAug 26
to Arch Reactor
the stack of white boxes under the bag were a donation to the space, they are plaques.  we've used them a couple times to make a thing to give to someone that made a big donation

El Jefe

Aug 27, 2021, 6:37:04 PMAug 27
to Arch Reactor
What's funny about this is that my friend who donated the server was joking about getting a plaque so now I really want to make one for him. lol
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