Association of Recreational Beach Users

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Welcome to our pages where we will discuss the affairs of the Association of Recreational Beach Users (ARBU). This is a voluntary association that has been established to look after the collective interests of recreational beach users along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa, with the intention of gaining reasonable access to our favorite recreational use areas along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa.

The Association of Recreational Beach Users  (ARBU ) was formed to promote tourism within Umkhanykude district municipality with the prime focus on the Elephant Coast beaches as our draw card for domestic tourists. Our web site may be found here 

This has become essential since the Government closed all beaches in South Africa to Motor vehicle traffic in terms of the National Environmental Management Act or NEMA. this may be found here and the first ROD or record of decision taken by DEAT may found here 

Since the 4x4 ban has been enforced along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa,  domestic tourism has plummeted to unprecedented lows, and many businesses have closed their doors and left Umkhanykude district Municipality. The local ARTS & CRAFTS industries which relied heavily on domestic tourism have taken a sever blow to their turn over with many one man and family businesses losing their economic opportunities and becoming indigent.

 Many resorts such as Cape Vidal, Mapelane and the village of St. Lucia itself have lost considerable portions of their annual turn over, and this has been on the agenda at many high level meetings, but no results have been forth coming as the Minister is stead fast in his resolution.

In March 2013, the government of South Africa has published new draft legislation for the control of ORV's (Off Road Vehicles) in the coastal zones of South Africa, and the comment period for this legislation expires on 31 March 2013

The ARBU has already opted to take the point of view that this legislation violates our collective rights both as recreational beach users and the persons depending on the passing trade associated with recreational use of the Elephant Coast beaches in terms of section 24 (a) iii of the south African Constitution. 

To take this up and fight the 4x4 ban is going to be a tough battle, as the dune mining issue along the Elephant Coast is of grave concern to all conservationists and many other groups including recreational beach users, serious fisher folk, the ski boat fraternity and the tourism industry which these many diverse groups support during their visit to our coastal areas.

We as management of the ARBU thus request that you show your moral support for us in our efforts to gain reasonable access to as many areas of the Elephant Coast as is ecologically and economically feasible  do this by visiting our petition page and choosing your way of supporting our cause.