Interpretation of AM 6 Net Plan Rev 25 June 2019

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Aug 6, 2019, 6:12:33 PM8/6/19
to AR MARS Ask The Chief
Dear Paul,
During my service as RJMOG for the current COMEX 19-3, a conflict arose over the interpretation of AM6 (above) section 2.4 pp.3 (Messages) as it applies to ad-hoc STRIP type messages sent during the COMEX.  My interpretation is that 1) pp 3 applies to all messages not just adhoc strips, 2) most importantly this statement, which allows for ACP-126,127, 125 or "chat"  to be utilized in passing traffic, does not mean an "anything goes at any time;" these modes are contextual based on the situation.  For example, ACP-126 is to be used for intra-regional messages, whereas ACP-127 is used when sending traffic outside the region.  This is not optional based on the convenience of the operator.  It also makes perfect sense.  Likewise, ACP-125 VOICE messages (in the clear) are not to be used when encryption is required, such as with a ZYG RI, as this would be an OPSEC violation.  The "chat" mode may be used for STRIPs, but I should think it would not be a best practice to use chat in response to an ACP-127/126 RI, since there is not complete audit trail in chat.  Chat is not the real concern here, though.  The real concern is when and when not to employ ACP-126 and 127 message types.  My region Director insists on, and has in fact ordered, that all types cited in pp3 would be allowed without contextual restrictions during the COMEX in order to placate disagreeing members within AF MARS.  Was I wrong to object?  Please weigh in.

AM3-200 Trainng Manual also includes the following:


STATION TO STATION, service messages, traffic inside a net. 




Thanks for your attention!

John Hoover


Headquarters Army MARS

Oct 22, 2019, 11:05:27 AM10/22/19
to AR MARS Ask The Chief
Both you and your Region Director are correct.  

I would rather not discuss the specifics of TTP on the forum.  Please contact me off the forum for additional information.

David McGinnis
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