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Welcome to Aquarium Disease Treatment


This Group is intended more as a Directory of Resources for the treatment of Aquarium Diseases, although non spam discussion are certainly encouraged!


Treatment Resources:


For a healthy aquarium, proven steps to this end:

A Healthy Aquarium; Disease Prevention


For information about the proper use and specific medication information:

Aquarium Medications/ Treatments


For a UV Bulb/Lamp replacement guide to keep your UV Sterilizer functioning properly:

UV Bulbs


Or for a new UV Sterilizer to aid in disease prevention and improve aquarium Redox:

UV Sterilizer

Why you cannot trust a Google search any more for your aquatic information: Google Penguin Update; More Spam than every

Finally for the best resources in aquarium information (from "Aquarium Answers", Fissh, to Netmax's Aquaria, Aquarium Lighting & more); please see this excellent resource:

Aquarium Information