How to make an Aquamacs Release

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David Reitter

Aug 18, 2019, 6:58:32 PM8/18/19
to Win Treese, aquamacs-devel
Checklist for making an Aquamacs release:

  • In the repository:
    • aquamacs/src/site-lisp/sitestart.el  contains version numbers. Increase the version-id, too.
    • Update copyright years.
    • Update aquamacs/doc/latex/changelog.tex as appropriate.  Ensure HREF anchor remains in .tex at top.
    • Compile the manual/changelog (“make” in aquamacs/doc/latex).
    • Updates to the compiled manual and everything should be committed to the repository.

  • Build, then download binary from nightly build server
    • Verify build worked as expected (log)
    • Extract and copy it to /Applications/

  • Check aquamacs/build/make-release.perl script: It has some paths at the top that need to be correct. It requires a template .dmg (which is not part of the repository, but I can give it to you).  The template is just a writeable version of the distribution .dmg.
    • The script will then use the aquamacs/build/sign script, which in itself contains a pointer to the installed certificate, which can be obtained from Apple.  I think one needs to be a paid-for developer for that, but the certificate is valid for several years.
    • The script copies what is needed into the .dmg and leaves it open for manual adjustments in Finder.  Typically, you need to manually move some icons in place and resize the window (and maybe hide the toolbar/tabs on the left via the menu).  Then, close it and eject the .dmg.
    • Afterwards, run “hdiutil convert” by copy-pasting the last line output by the make-release script.
      This results in ~/Desktop/Aquamacs-Emacs-<version>.dmg.

  • In the git repo, create a signed tag like so:
    • git tag -s Aquamacs-3.5
    • git push --tags
    • (Signing the tag requires your installed GPG certificate.)

  • Uploaded the dmg to Github as a release, using the new tag.

  • Announce on website
    • index.shtml link with version number at top, and news at bottom,
    • cgi-bin/currentversion.cgi so that install base sees the update,
    • .htaccess for the download link
    • downloads.shtml for the version on the link
    • changelog-release.html - copy straight from the manual html in aquamacs/doc/Aquamacs Help/node44.html (or a similar file).

  • Announce on Emacs on OSX mailing list.  
    • Version tracker and macupdate pick it up automatically, so I don’t bother with those any more.

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