Fit Ai screen to the device screen by ApptoMarket

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Jun 8, 2014, 9:45:22 AM6/8/14
Thanks for this easy to use tool Mr Hossein.

I would like to see the app installed to the device ( tablet) in the same way when i connect the tablet in Ai by companion or usb...It is a zoomed screen, and even if there is some pixelation problem, i prefer this way to see the app into the large-screen device.
Is there a way to have this result by ApptoMarket... any combination of MinSdk - TargetSdk -Xlarge - Resizable.?
What if set for example :
- MinSdk 5 
- Targhet Sdk 0
- Xlarge or Large screen
- Resizable no

The resizable option has effect if the Targhet sdk is set to 0 or negative?

I ask because i cannot install the signed apk by apptomarket directly into my tablet, ( the option for allow app of unknown source is active) but i can if i publish the app on the play store.
I would like to avoid tests  publishing the app on the play store and lose for sure app-user. 

Thanks in advance. I'm not a programmer but only an amateur user of appinventor. 


Jun 8, 2014, 10:18:35 AM6/8/14


Jun 8, 2014, 3:17:49 PM6/8/14
Thanks Taifun but my question was for another thing. It was about how the app fit the screen of the large-xlarge device. That's why i ask to Mr. Hossein about a combination of option on ApptoMarket.
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