GAM scripting for GSuite Admin Tools ??

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David Fawcett

Aug 24, 2018, 2:41:13 PM8/24/18
I an trying to use GAM for bulk User Creation.  I have it working for sigle new user add and CSV add after getting syntax corrected.  

Question is how do I create a batch script or Powershell to run based on csv data.

username,firstname,lastname,password for newUser.csv

Example  bbunny,Bugs,Bunny,WhatsUpDoc

Then command cli is gam csv newUser.csv gam create user username ~username firstname ~first name  with changepassword on

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Dana Lehman

Aug 24, 2018, 2:55:26 PM8/24/18
to, techcoords
Where are you getting your csv from?
If you have AD / LDAP I'd recommend using GCDS.  

I've used excel / sheets go just do a fill down with the correct commands and paste in a cmd window.  

GAM also as the ability to run commands with a csv take a look at this documentation.  

Here is a power shell example of mine this is only for one user, but I'm sure you can put it in a foreach with a -append 
$gam = " gam.exe create alias $oldemail user $email" | out-file c:\gam\gamstaffcmd.cmd -Encoding ascii
cd c:\gam\

The variables were populated further up the script.  
Hope those help.  

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