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Simon Roberts

Sep 13, 2021, 11:21:48 AMSep 13
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Hi all,

Can someone tell me exactly how Avare gets the time stamps that it puts into the KML files it creates?

 I have some strange effects showing up in my KML tracks. I suspect part of the problem is in my Stratux, and it might be that there are other wifi networks involved in some way, but I'm also pretty sure that Avare's behavior is significant in trying to get my configuration correct. Hopefully this forum can tell me what to look for.

I have always found that the timestamps in my KML files are wrong in the sense that they appear to UTC (from the numbers) but they're marked as MDT/local. My tablet (Galaxy Tab, Android 11) shows the right (local) time, and I believe it has picked this up from my home network. That time does not, so far as I have noticed, change when I connect to my Stratux, nor to the glider-club's "shack" network. I'm pretty sure the tablet knows that it's Mountain time too. 

That part would be "nice to correct" but doesn't bother me a great deal, frankly.

But yesterday, after some longer runs, I noticed that there are two different times showing up. So, for example and from memory, I have times IRO 17:00 at one of the recorded points, and subsequent points are in the 22:00 range. Later points might go back the "earlier" time. Since the bird I fly has only a tach, and no hobbs, I have previously used the times on the first and last points on a KML track to determine flight time, but minus five hours isn't really going to work ;)

I have the Avare GPS source configured to "Avare apps only".

How might this happen, and what should I try toward the goal of stable (and, if possible, correctly annotated) timestamps?


t v

Sep 13, 2021, 8:58:30 PMSep 13
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Can you elaborate on that? The .kml file is labeled using the date that it is being captured like this 2020-11-12_10-02-33.KML, internally it has a lot of information including the date... with the Local time, see pic.
You can use  free program for Win OS TrackMaker to view it or G trash... TV
Image 002.jpg
Image 003.jpg

Simon Roberts

Sep 13, 2021, 10:37:58 PMSep 13
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Well, I'm beginning to think the "strange effects" were in my brain. Perhaps I was horribly dehydrated and stupid after that particular flight (rather worrying) because looking at the file again, all seems fine.

My apologies for wasting everyone's time :( 
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