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Brian Allen

Mar 8, 2011, 2:00:50 PM3/8/11
here's a useful open PM tool too.


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On Mar 8, 2011, at 12:27 PM, wrote:


    Chris Watkins <> Mar 08 07:37PM +1100 ^
    I'd love to make our conversations easier, but also efficient - we've all
    got demands on our time. So I'm experimenting with this:
 - feel free to sign up!
    This platform is great for noting, tagging and retrieving useful bits of
    info, in a public way, as well as having Twitter-style conversations. The
    conversations are much easier to follow though, and you can find old posts
    even years later, unlike Twitter.
    If you want to sign up, great. If not, you could glance at it sometimes to
    see what's being posted there.
    I'm thinking of it as part of Appropedia's workspace -
    BetterMeans<>for task
    management and this new
    StatusNet <> site for sharing ideas, connections, snippets
    of news, thoughts about how to develop things.
    That's all - hope to see you there!
    ...but if you're a fellow social media geek and want to know more, here are
    bonus facts:
    - You can post and read with your Android phone using Mustard, and with
    your iPhone using the official StatusNet app.
    - StatusNet is a basically an open source "Twitter" with extra features
    and more control over our own data. (You may have heard of the main site
    using this platform: Great community that's knowledgeable about
    - You can also follow people and join the relevant groups from your account - click the "remote" buttons for the people or groups you
    want on / <>. You can
    also join Identica groups (e.g. MediaWiki, wiki, publicdomain...) from your
    account on The fancy name for that is
    Chris Watkins
 - Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.


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