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Oct 27, 2011, 4:02:36 PM10/27/11
Hello Everyone,

After last night's meeting, it seems there is enthusiasm for continuing our AppleVan -- Hooray!  I'm stepping up and will keep this group alive via as long as I can.  I hope all of you will think about helping out once or twice a year.

This will take some of adjustment since we all cringe a bit at new stuff, but it will not be difficult.  I believe this option will open the door to new options that will help us thrive.  For now, this email group will continue on Google, but I encourage you to embrace the Meetup option.  There we can start discussion boards, topic specific, and keep our communications current and not clog up our own emails.

So, don't worry about this having risks or a steep learning curve -- Meetup is easy and doesn't take up storage on your computer.  

I will set up our page/site on Meetup in the next few days and send out another message.  I will also set a time to for all of us to meet at my clubhouse (off 134th St & I-5/205) to show you how it works.  Probably since we usually don't have Nov/Dec meetings due to the holidays, I will just find a time on a Sat to have a nice social hour and information meeting.

In the meantime, take a look at one of my Meetup groups and start to get familiar.  If you haven't joined Meetup yet, do so.  (This is not like facebook and other social sites where there is risk or complicated nonsense.)  While you're waiting for our AppleVan to post, you can check out other groups in our area.  Who knows what you may find ... if you like making movies, hiking, drinking martini's, knitting, scrapbooking, doggie social hours ... it's there!!!  And more.  LOL

JoAnn Gates

Oct 28, 2011, 2:21:37 AM10/28/11
I need help with my Mail. I have an iMac, iPhone, MacBook Pro. I've updated everything, everything, and iCloud works, but I'm not getting all of my mail on the iMac. I've checked settings, etc., until I want to scream. I cannot think of what I've done wrong.
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