Photoshop Elements 10 vs 9

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Glenna Rose

Dec 2, 2011, 2:56:46 PM12/2/11
to AppleVan
Earlier this week, I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop
Elements 10 and will be playing with it over the weekend. Within the
next week or so, I will purchase either 10 or 9. Since Version 9 is
considerably less expensive, that is definitely a consideration even
with the InDesign User Group discount on Version 10.

Is there any significant difference between the two versions to
justify the price difference? Since I only use Photoshop casually,
and likely will continue to use Photoshop 7 (on my desktop Mac) for
serious work, I'm wondering if I even need to spend the extra $30-50
for Elements 10 versus Elements 9. This is for my MacBook so I can do
some photo editing away from home if I want.

Comments will be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Dec 3, 2011, 10:17:46 AM12/3/11
to AppleVan
Just what have you actually used in PE up to now? Are the editing
tools provided in iPhoto not sufficient? As you do state you still
have PS7, it would seem to me that PE might not really be necessary
for doing quick fixes, which is what I used to use it for. I now find
that the built in editor in iPhoto to be much easier to use, and is
non-distructive. I particularly like the straightening tool that is
simply right there, and you don't have to find it in a pull-down menu.
I, for one, have decided to cease upgrading PE. Now, if I were a
professional photographer, or was an avid amateur, you can bet I would
have and would use Photoshop.

Glenna Rose

Dec 3, 2011, 11:10:23 AM12/3/11
Thank you, Connie. I re-read my post which was a bit misleading in
that I said photo editing when I meant a bit more. Layering is a
major part of it.

Yes, I totally agree iPhoto is good for minor edits for the way most
people work with their photos. What I most interested in it for could
not be handled by iPhoto, it is definitely not for creating but for
editing. Often I recommend people use iPhoto since mostly they want
things that are minor edits/adjustments.

While I use Photoshop for those things, I use it for far more.
Basically, for my MacBook, I need the basics of Photoshop but don't
need all the advanced features. So far (a total of less than two
hours), I have found PE rather difficult to work with as compared to
Photoshop but that is undoubtedly because of differences, that habits
thing and old dogs.<g> Today, I'll make a trip to Powell's for
Classroom in a Book.

It is definitely my plan to buy either PE or Photoshop but see no need
to install Photoshop on my MacBook as it isn't the place I would be
working with anything of serious nature anyway but still want to be
able to do things either at work or when I am away from home. iPhoto
does not allow text, layers, etc., which are things I would be doing.
As an example, I am about to work on a fabric design with my family's
names in various fonts and mirrored, not even thinkable in iPhoto.
With PE, I won't be chained to my desktop machine for all the mundane
preparation of the images and can move to my desktop machine when I am
ready for the actual positioning and sizing. Before I reach that
point, however, there is a lot of time involved in creating the parts.
A few weeks ago, I found an absolutely wonderful website for
Spoonflower Fabrics; they print your design on your choice of fabrics
from a selection of several fabrics - all made in the U.S.A. - so the
finished garment is truly all American. On Thursday, I received my
first order, knit fabric with a design taken from a chalk drawing my
middle granddaughter gave me on Grandparent's Day last month; I am
more pleased than I can express with the results. She is getting a
t-shirt made from her design for her birthday later this month and
will undoubtedly be delighted. Now that is really getting off

If there are no significant changes between 9 and 10, it makes no
sense to pay more for 10. Have you noticed many changes from one
version to another as you have upgraded in the past?


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