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Nov 23, 2011, 1:18:34 PM11/23/11
to appl...@googlegroups.com
Glenna once again you colossally missed the point. I'm not going to do tit4tat with you, but you really are uninformed about Meetup. And I will be quite candid and say that my first response is because of the way you did NOT answer a legitimate question/issue regarding Google and how we are continuing. It is widely known that many people have trouble with it. Rory even stated in the last AppleVan meeting that Google was going downhill and other negative comments. We all agreed.

Instead you gave a member a lecture about how great Google is .. newsgroups ... misinformation about Meetup ... and on and on ... not the point. That kind of message sends an unwelcoming attitude and lack of helpful info to a person who is simply trying to figure out what is going on. And your second response followed suit.

It sends a derisive message that is supporting schism. AND this is NOT an attack, but simply an attempt to clear the misinformation.

So my apologies to anyone else who misunderstood my comments. If you have questions, please write directly to me. I am happy to either phone or email chat with you to answer questions, but I will not participate in prolonging this confusion. I'm not angry with anyone ... disappointed, yes! ... but I think unity is the best way for a group to have the baton passed.

If the 'old guard' -- and for heaven sakes, this is NOT a derogatory term, it's just an expression -- chooses to continue the Google Group, of course that is fine, but a decision needs to be made as to who wants to continue with the AppleVan title. It's that simple.

Rory or Glenna, if you want to continue as the leader of AppleVan and have the Google Group, just let me know. If you do, go for it and all the best to you!

It is not appropriate for those who are looking for a User Group Community to be confused by TWO AppleVans. That's just common sense and courtesy. In the meantime, for those who want to join us at AppleVAN Meetup, jump right in and bring your HappyMacFace!!! We'll figure out the name later ...

Many blessings to all for the Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

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