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App Engine code reviews

Nov 8, 2012, 4:48:32 AM11/8/12
Upload your code change lists to using the attached or your own if you already have one, and add in CC field. Better yet, use a +suffix convention to specify which language the code is written in. For instance, means it is something written in Python. That way it is easier to filter messages for a specific language.

Other folks subscribed to this group will see the message and (hopefully) start reviewing your code.

Creating a new change list
The full command would be something like this (from the root of your app):

./ -t "My issue title" -m "Longer description of the issue" \
--send_mail --cc

The above will try to guess your versioning system, create unified diffs, create a new issue on with specified title and description, upload unified diffs (patch set) and send email to this mailing list.

If you're not sure the would make the right choices, you could do something like this:

./ --print_diffs \
--send_mail --cc

This command will try to guess your versioning system, show the unified diffs and stop at prompting you to enter new issue title. This way you can always stop it from going forward should you be not satisfied with the output.

Updating existing issue

Use -i <issue_id> argument to, e.g.

./ -i 12345 --print_diffs

This will create a new patch set on but won't send an email just yet. You should probably browse to the issue, go through the comments and mark them as "Done" or reply with a different message. Hit "m" key after you're done with all of them. This will bring up a summary screen ready to send email with the updated issue.

More info on how to use, reviewing the code and use in general can be found here:

Happy coding/reviewing!
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