Why is a inline edited text in a custom widget not saved?

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Peter Shaw

Oct 25, 2016, 8:25:16 AM10/25/16
to apostr...@googlegroups.com

I have a custom widget with a few elements that comes from the apostrophe-widgets exdented index.js of my widget. Things like headline, ect. 
In my view i’ve got two elements, one called “content”, the other called “inlinecontent”.

“content” is filled by the form in the popover. The other should be visible and editable on-page. 

 apos.area(data.widget, 'content', {edit: false})
 apos.area(data.widget, 'inlinecontent', {
widgets: {
'apostrophe-rich-text': {
controls: [ 'Bold', 'Italic', 'Link', 'Unlink' ]
'adt-list': {}

After I create the element on the page everything looks fine. The Content is filled so far and the “+” sign from the inlinecontent is shown correctly.

I can open the menu defined as “inlinecontent”:

And i can edit some Text: 

But after a reload the text is gone! 


Is inline editing inside a widget not possible? Is something wrong with my template? I have this behaviour in all of my templates. Even when I allow inline editing of the elements that i define inside the index.js. It doesn’t matter, all content that is added onsite inside a custom widget ist lost after a reload. 

Thanks for an explanation or a hint what i can try to archive that goal!

Tom Boutell

Oct 25, 2016, 8:57:28 AM10/25/16
to apostr...@googlegroups.com
Hi Peter, would you please reopen this as a github issue? We are trying hard to retire this Google group (: There is a forum now at forum.apostrophecms.org, how-to questions go to stackoverflow with the apostrophe-cms tag, and bug reports, of which this is certainly one, belong on github.com/punkave/apostrophe.


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