Why does Apostrophe installation require Xcode on Mac?

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Anne Smith

Jan 22, 2018, 8:27:51 PM1/22/18
to apostrophenow
I did not quite get why the Apostrophe installation requires Xcode.
With the alarming Xcode 9 reviews in Appstore there is no guarantee this whole thing will be working at all.
  • Is there any way to install and use Apostrophe on Mac without Xcode?
  • Do I need to install Xcode on production server as well?

Tom Boutell

Jan 22, 2018, 10:49:42 PM1/22/18
to apostr...@googlegroups.com
Hi Anne,

This google group is retired. At one point new posts were locked, it seems that came undone somehow. I've relocked it.

Please post how-to questions to Stack Overflow, tagged apostrophe-cms so that everyone can find the answers.

There is also a new forum for more general discussion: forum.apostrophecms.org

Also see the apostrophecms.org website for documentation.

But to quickly answer your questions: Xcode is Apple's official package to make it possible to compile open source software on a Mac, without it you can't effectively use Homebrew, which is how open source is usually installed on a Mac. I don't know what alarming reviews you're referring to but this is about having access to Xcode's command line tools, so those reviews probably aren't apropos.

You do not need Xcode on a production server, your production server will probably be Linux and that's a completely different situation. See our production HOWTO:

Hope this is helpful!

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