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Jul 4, 2019, 7:16:26 AM7/4/19
to Apilio
Currently google is a response assistant. Human speaks the command line and inquires and google replies.
I would like google to respond to certain tasks when I need.
EG. When I set a reminder at a certain time. Google just speaks out, “Reminder, did you take out the trash”. Instead of that bing sound and dot.
The example I used in the tweet was since google wifi has the ability to identify users, I would like GOOGLE HOME to announce my arrival for my guests.
When phone with MAC address <....> connects to my wifi play 30 of “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones. OR have google. “Repeat after me.. TONY has arrived to casa del Kirby”

- Google wifi can identify phones when they arrive as in ifttt they can prioritize or revoke access.
- Google can say what you want it to say but requires the user to ask google to say it with the command “repeat after me”

Google doesn’t talk without being requested to talk via the ok/hey google command.

HOWEVER... NODE RED has found a way to make google smarter in this way. It feels complicated to make node red work. I think Apilio is the next step in smarter smart devices. But it has to be monkey simple for mainstream


Jul 5, 2019, 8:56:33 AM7/5/19
to Apilio
Great, thanks for the examples!
I did a little online research about the Node Red solution. They use a workaround to play a "sound" on a speaker connected to Google Home. Brilliant idea!

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